Do you want to join Nordlys and take part in the development of Norways first Solar Racing Car and drive the world towards a sustainable future? We accept both normal students, and students who want to write their thesis on the project. See our suggested project subjects under, or suggest your own thesis.

NB! You have to apply for your bachelor's or master's thesis through NTNU as well, but by applying here, you may reserve a subject.

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The electrical group are responsible for all the electricity on board the car. This includes both the high and low voltage systems.
Electrical Engineer(2 students wanted) As the project is closing in on the design development, Nordlys is in need of even more engaged and interested electrical members. The electrical group is looking for students with interest or experience in programming, electrical digital design (CAD) and electrical engineering, both high and low voltage.


The mechanical group designs and builds all the mechanical components of the solar car.
Mechanical Engineer(7 students wanted) All mechanical systems of the car, from the brakes to the chassis, has to be carefully chosen, designed and produced. Though a broad category, Nordlys needs members with skills or interest within many disciplines, including CAD and aerodynamics.


The design members work closely with the mechanical and electrical group to make the car both ergonomically and aesthetically satisfactory. The external design of the car becomes the symbol of the team as it travels through Norway and Australia. Having a comfortable and ergonomic car is also of high importance to the drivers who will be driving in the hot and dry Australian outback.
Designer(2 students wanted) The designers are responsible for making the car both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use by the drivers. Both graphical designers and product designers have a central role in tying the human dimension into the development of the highly technical car.


The winning team needs a winning driving strategy. The strategy group develops software analysis tools to calculate the solar cars optimal speed.
Strategist(3 students wanted) Finding out how fast the car can drive during the competition is a difficult task. The strategy team requires a highly interdisciplinary set of members, applying knowledge about physics, aerodynamics, coding and simulation together to build the basis of Nordlys' on-route driving strategy.


The winning team needs a winning driving strategy. The strategy group develops software analysis tools to calculate the solar cars optimal speed.
Key Account Manager(3 students wanted) Building strong and meaningful relationships with sponsors and the technology industri is key for the long term success of Nordlys. The key account managers are the team's external communication with the industry, applying and developing interpersonal skills to secure the Nordlys' funds.
Photo and Video(1 student wanted) A good brand needs good and professional photos and videos. The photographers are responsible for capturing the team as we develop, build and compete with the Nordlys car.
Web Developer(1 student wanted) A proffesional website keeps the audience up to speed on the team and it's work. Develop and build the website, and tell the story of who Nordlys NTNU really are.

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